From Alex Gray at O15 occupyhelena

America Has Cancer
            America or any country for that matter is a lot like a human body. Humans are made up of many of one basic unit, the cell. The cells in a body each play a specific role, some are nerve cells, others muscle, organ, blood cells and so on. America like a body is comprised of many of one basic unit, a person. Each person plays a function in the life of our country. Some people are farmers, some ranchers, doctors, lawyers, laborers and so on. Some times in a body certain cells will start to consume more oxygen and food than other cells in such a prolific fashion that they end up robbing their neighbors of the resources necessary to survive. When this happens the function of the whole body is upset and eventually the entire body will die, even the cells that had been gorging on the body’s resources at the expense of their neighbors. In America today some people are massing wealth, power and property at such a prolific rate that they are robbing their fellow Americans of the resources necessary to survive. When this condition occurs in the human body a doctor will make the call to remove the life threatening cells which they call cancerous from the body in order to ensure the survival of the person and thus every other cell in the person. Today our country needs to make the call to remove from society the people whose greed and lust for power threaten the survival of The United States and thus every person in America. The greedy few on Wall Street with their financial scandals, disproportionate power in Washington, mismanagement of natural resources and the bleeding of America that is called outsourcing are threatening the long term survival of each and every one of us. In the end they too will fall victim just as cancer cannot survive once it kills its human host those greedy few will eventually fall with rest of our country. It is doubtful that anyone in power now will act as America’s doctor, they are in the pocket of the very people who threaten our nation. It is up to the people of America to take back their democracy from the cancerous effect of unregulated corporate greed. It is up to you to join together with your fellow citizens and stand up for your right to your fair share of the American dream.

                                                                                                Alex Gray


2 thoughts on “From Alex Gray at O15 occupyhelena

  1. Thank you Alex, for your clear words and message! It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday-I look forward to more OccupyHelena protests and activities. In Solidarity, Debra

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