October 15th a beginning

Thanks to all —much success — we have a start in Helena! Today 50-75 people attended. Marched around town. Occupying Hill park till 6pm. Next action Wed. the 19th 5pm Hill Park bring signs. General Assembly to follow.  Pictures and reports to follow. We are the 99%


2 thoughts on “October 15th a beginning

  1. Just a suggestion: The movement is going up against some very powerful people so the anonymity of this blog page can be much safer than facebook (your whole family won’t show up). If you read the older posts on the brave fb organizer’s page, she/he already has received the “where do you work” veiled threat. Please make your friends and other supporters aware of this.

  2. Francis Kromkowski ‎@Mary Zerkel (who wrote great work Frank). Mi, Mary. I did not start or organize this — Once I found out that it was happening, I just helped to publicize it and participated from 11-5.

    The group of people I met with at yesterday’s gath…ering in Helena (from 11-5) gave me a lot of hope that something beautiful for justice and democracy in the U.S. and in Helena is now beginning and spreading (Insha’Allah) — it could become a movement to re-start democracy and compassion to meet the needs of million of people suffering without jobs as a result of Wall Street corporations’ and the financial wheeler-dealers’ greed and the millions lacking health care and education and decent housing and adequate food (none of which seem to count for anything in Wall Street’s calculations — http://www.commondreams.org/occupy

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