Wednesday October 19th

Public Protest at Hill Park the corner of Park and Neil Avenues..Starts at 4:30PM
6:30PM General Assembly at the Lewis and Clark County Library
120 South Last Chance Gulch


10 thoughts on “Wednesday October 19th

  1. Don’t think so much about what others are or are not. Just make sure you are grounded.
    It appears that you folk are the greedy ones!

  2. I would like us all to commit to using no consumer products whatsoever, as by doing so, we are funding the clubs that the corporations use to beat us down daily. We should only barter with each other.

  3. I like it… I might not be able to attend (possible conflict)… However, I would like this topic of action discussed.

    This is a way of doing something now! Also, I would like the group to commit to using cash
    whenever possible… The greedy banks are taking 3% from our businesses and changing swippers fees too… “Stop the swipe! use cash”; “Move your money!”


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