Missoula County bans overnight Occupy encampment

Occupy Missoula will have to find new digs.
Missoula County commissioners listened to two hours of often fervent testimony Wednesday, most of it opposing a ban on camping, then quickly passed a resolution that makes it criminal trespass to sleep overnight on county property without a permit.
Read more: click here By KIM BRIGGEMAN of the Missoulian | Posted: Wednesday, January 4, 2012 10:00 pm |


1 thought on “Missoula County bans overnight Occupy encampment

  1. Occupy is the solution to the broken system of the USA. We will succeed.

    If you study the University of Wisconsin and Berkeley demonstrations in the 1960s, you will see that they may have stopped the Viet Nam war, when they had many more people demonstrating. The middle class were being drafted into the military. Now mostly poor people are in the military. They are poor because of the USA government.

    If you study demonstrations in Egypt, they used twitter and facebook, until the government stopped the Internet. The people did remove Mubarak, but they had help from the military. Now the military is the problem for the people.

    If Occupy people travel through Salmon, Idaho, you have an Occupy friend (Calvin Leman) at 305 Washington Street. You can find a map and telephone number on treegrower.org.

    If the city wants a permit, maybe we should apply for a permit, over and over. The government is the problem, city, state, federal, because the people let them do what the government is doing.
    In the last city election in Salmon, 1/3 of the registered voters voted. We don’t know how many people are not registered.

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