People’s Microphone inside Wal-Mart Courtesy of Occupy Bozeman

At 12:15 PM on Black Friday, about 15 activists with Occupy Bozeman conducted a “people’s microphone” at Wal-Mart to call attention to Wal-Mart’s unfair labor practices.

Occupy Bozeman members congregated near the electronics area and chanted slogans back and forth to each other against Wal-Mart as hundreds of shoppers and a few workers stopped to take notice.  Managers were soon on the scene, and the group was escorted out as they continued chanting all the way through the store.To read the full article and watch the video on the northern rockies independent media network click here.


Mercy Now – Mary Gauthier

My father could use a little mercy now
The fruits of his labor
Fall and rot slowly on the ground

People in power, well They’ll do anything to keep their crown
I love life, and life itself could use some mercy now

EPI’s Larry Mishel on Our Rigged Economy and #OWS

I recently interview the esteemed Larry Mishel of the Economic Policy Institute. He has spent his entire career fighting on behalf of the 99%. Larry sent this interview, where he directly discusses #OWS and inequality and asked that we do what we can to get it out to the #OWS community. So, email it, tweet it, post comments about it – do what you can.
Forward from Taryn Hart on her blog

Our Freedoms are Meaningless

Thanks to the Liberty Underground News for this morning tip.  If you read nothing else this morning, please read this column (the accompanying videos are great too), and pass it on to those who need to be awoken– family, friends, work colleagues and members of your internet social groups who believe we have “freedom,” “democracy,” “representative government” and/or a “free press.” Glen Greenwald on Solon: click below to read.

The roots of the UC-Davis pepper-spraying

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